A little about us

Welcome to The Okayest Life, where we embrace the art of just being okay. We’ve had our fair share of challenges, having to work harder than most due to being active duty Military Veterans and dealing with the ups and downs of deployment life. But we’ve learned to accept that things may not always be where we want them to be and that’s okay. As long as we can say “I’m okay for right now,” we know we can make it through to the next day, the next work, the next flight, or even the next mortar/rocket attack.


We’ve also been fighting legally for our children for years, which has required us to leave our jobs (including nearly 20 years of active service between us), move across the country, and start over again in the name of doing what’s best for them. It hasn’t been easy, but we live by a few rules here at The Okayest Life. We work hard for anything we want because it’s the one thing we can control in this life. We never want to go without something and be mad at ourselves for not putting in more effort to get it.


We also understand that even when the rest of the world is negative and shitty, being that way will only bring you down. That’s why we strive for positivity even if it’s not our first thought. And let’s be real, a dark sense of humor is essential when dealing with an ever more negative society filled with entitlement, selfishness, and separatist ideals.


At the end of the day, we may not be exactly where we want to be ideally, but if we have a meal, a roof over our heads, a safe place to sit and relax, and the people who mean the most to us love us and support us, we are Okay. And if you’re Okay too, then the rest just takes time and work. So join us here at The Okayest Life, where it’s okay to just be okay.

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